A bit like a shiny bruise…Blue, Black and Silver.

Continuing on from the Secret Squirrel theme, here’s another successful colour combination that catches it’s fair share of Welsh Seatrout; the blue black and silver.

Blue Black and Silver Waddingtons

We’re starting to get to the meat of all things seatrout now; where colour isn’t that important but even so…..somehow it is!? Paradoxical you might think. And what is it about colour anyway?

In a previous blog I talked about using daylight fluorescent materials but then again, I fish for seatrout in the dark! Darkness means no light or as near as we can get it depending on light pollution so does it have any affect? Yes, more than likely, but how to prove it? All I can say is this combination of colours catches me fish, it’s caught others fish and also got a few out of a sticky situation where they might have ended fishless…..again. It’s another thing to ponder on and one I’ll pursue in later blogs. Whether there’s sufficient ambient light for the fish to determine colour or not, I don’t know. However, for fresh fish, silver and blue are a good combination at any time. Here’s some of the flies

Blue Black and Silver Waddington

Again the waddington has the weight and slim profile to get down to the deep holding spots quickly and effectively. When you try to fish these spots, and we all know where they are(!), before your fly is fishing effectively, it’s usually out of the zone. Get one of these on and put a mend in before the current pulls it out of where the fish are!

Blue Black and Silver Tube

You can also tie tubes ‘in the round’ so to speak. That way, it doesn’t matter what way around the fish sees the fly, it will always look the same. The tube above loves an intermediate line or ghost tip.

Blue Black and Silver Secret Weapon

There are a number of styles for tying these secret weapons  and hopefully, if my planning comes off I’ll have a few videos up in the future to explain my take on some of the seatrout flies. This one has a long wing for pool tails. I’ll leave you to conjure up your own images.

Blue Black and Silver Single

And where would we be without our small river, high summer low water pattern. A little less bling in this one (even though there’s not much as it is!)

I have to give the nod to a good friend of mine, Alun Bailey for some of the ideas for the dressing of the flies above; then again, he might have got it off me in the first place!? He’s a good angler and a very good fly tyer and we share countless nights on the river every season. One night I gave him a call and asked him if he wanted to fish a new stretch of the River Towy. ‘Too right!’ he said. Anyway, to cut a long story short, gentleman as I am, I let him go down the pool first. With the Blue Black and Silver Waddington on, second or third cast he hooks into a fish that we later estimated at 10 1/2lb! Not bad. The following night with the water a little lower, I decided to fish the Secret Weapon and lost the biggest fish I’ve hooked for a long, long time.  I even handed the rod to Alun because I was so tired after fighting it…..and had it back.

The River Towy I suppose is like Forrest Gumps’ box of chocolates; you never know what’ll grab hold of your fly.

7 responses to “A bit like a shiny bruise…Blue, Black and Silver.

  • allenagnew

    Lovely flies Alun, Im booked to fish the Towy in June God willing, might have crack at a few of those.

  • allenagnew

    Lovely flies Alun, tried and tested colours. Im booked to travel over from Belfast to fish the Towy in June God willing. l Might have a go at one or two of these beauties.

    • Alun Rees

      Hi Allen, I spoke with a good friend from Belfast yesterday evening and he mentioned that he’d been speaking to someone about the Towy; obviously it was you!

      Thanks for the comments. They are standard fare on the Towy at all times of the year. With a few Surface Lures added to your collection, you won’t need any more!

      Both Cyril and Jamie know the water like the back of their hands so you’ll be in good company and they’ll do their best to get a fish for you.

      I’ll email you separately with a couple of links for info and if you need further advice just get in touch. Cheers.

      • allenagnew

        Cheers Alun, if it was Andrew McGall you were talking too then it was me lol. Ive been on the phone with Jamie a few times when I first booked the trip and he could not have been more helpful. I had to cancel a similar trip two or three seasons ago at the last minute due to severe floods, so God willing, Ill get there this time. Two nights Golden Grove (Cilsane and Glanyraffon) and two nights Abercothi (Abercothi and Junction) It sounds very similar to Dollaghan fishing that both Andrew and myself do on the Six-Mile river over here. Looking forward to it, Thank you and God bless

  • allenagnew

    Whats the mono you use on the secret weapon Alun ? A young Welsh lad called Gavin Perry who fishes the lower river told me that twenty lb Tynex was good to use, have you heard of it?

    • Alun Rees

      Hi Allen, it’s simply standard monfilament. Tynex is good because it’s quite stiff. I’ll do a blog to explain my thoughts on Secret Weapon mounts in the next couple of days because there’s a couple of things you need to think about to make an effective mount. Nothing special but it may contain a few pointers that you might not have considered.

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